Do It Yourself Credit Repair

Do It Yourself – Credit Repair

Do It Yourself - Credit Repair

A Guide To Repairing Credit

When it comes to credit repair and hiring an attorney there are a few facts that you should know before making your decision. A typical law firm will charge you $100 Up front and $50 to $90 a month thereafter. 


You may think that you will be saving time but in fact hiring an attorney will take twice as long to “repair your credit”. This is because you have to first obtain a copy of your credit report and send it to them. Then they will make you sign a power of attorney which will delay the credit repair process even longer. 


In addition any correspondence that you get back from the credit bureaus you will have to forward to them as well. Bottom line you’re essentially doing all the work yourself and delaying the process at which time the law firm is gladly billing you every month. 


Before you can even remove a couple of items from your credit report you have already spent anywhere from $300 to $600 not to mention that you did majority of the work yourself. 


Why put yourself through this when you can save time and money by simply using our proven letters to file your disputes against the creditors, collection companies, and credit bureaus. 


For only $59 (A Fraction of the upfront fee that attorneys charge) you get all the tools necessary to save money and time and repair your credit yourself.

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