Ultimate Guide To Solo Ads

Ultimate Guide To Solo Ads

Ultimate Guide To Solo Ads

I'm not gonna tell you that you'll increase your profits by 999%
Aren't you sick of HYPE? What I tell you is …

Shooting in the Dark with Your Solo Ads is Over…

Ultimate Guide to Solo Ads - AuthorFrom: Adrian Jock, Founder & CEO
AdsMarket Ezine Advertising Network

Re: “Give a man a fish and you feed
him for a day. Teach a man to fish and
you feed him for a lifetime.”

Advertising with solo ads is not rocket science! I'm sure that almost anyone has seen at least one solo ad and can figure out how to write a solo ad. Indeed, it's as easy as building a wall using common bricks. However, it's enough to miss one single small brick and your enemy – the failure – will ruin your wall.

How to avoid this unpleasant situation? You only need some proper guidance and your enemy will be vanished for ever!

Unfortunately, you can search all over the Internet and you won't find any proper materials to guide you in solo ads advertising, except for a few ezine articles, two or three mini ebooks and my own short guide posted online a few years ago. Plus…

… I really hate to say it, but that's the truth… lots of so called solo ads ebooks

What's the Difference Between the Ultimate Guide to Solo Ads and Most of the Other Solo Ads Ebooks?

When the first edition of the Ultimate Guide to Solo Ads was released in June 2009, solo ads weren't a trend. After some time, the things have changed and everyone started to monetize the new fashion by trying to take advantage of the lack of information. Now…

… you'll find quite many ebooks or video courses that include the wording “solo ads” in their title…

I have in front of my eyes one of them… I've read it, it's a good ebook, but… it's not really about solo ads! More than 60% of that ebook is about squeeze pages, OTOs and how to make money with your new list! Useful pieces of information but the title of the ebook is really misleading. You can replace the solo ads from the title and put there PPC or whatever instead and that 60% of the book can remain unchanged. So… is that ebook about solo ads?

That's the major difference between the Ultimate Guide to Solo Ads and most of the other solo ads ebooks… The Ultimate Guide to Solo Ads is about… solo ads. Really!

Understanding the solo ads mechanism…
Choose between discovering it yourself by wasting your time and learning from my 10+ yrs experience in this field…

Robert Kiyosaki quote - There are only 2 things you can investLet's get back on track and let's be honest… Until now … no one took the time to explain to you not only how but especially why you have to do one thing or another, so that you understand the mechanism …

“Watch over my shoulder and do the same” = like a copycat, without understanding anything

Does it sound familiar?

I know how you felt: like in the school days when you were taught that some things were like this or like that because the teacher said so. I hated it too!

Now the teacher was replaced by the mentor… The methods? Not very much changed… “Why did you do that?”… “Because that's what my mentor said!” … “Oh, poor you!”

If you waste a lot of your time you may find some answers on how to do certain things… But you'll never get back your time!

If you waste also some of your money trying different things, you may (or may not!) find even more answers, but… don't you hate to shoot in the dark while spending your time & money? Maybe you'll recover your money, but… what about your time? Let me repeat it because it's very important: you'll never get back your time!

Testimonial Dave MainAdrian, your ebook has saved me in advertising
the cost of the ebook already.

Dave Main (Mayflower, Arkansas)
Author of “Business Money Magnet” ebook

Ultimate Guide to Solo AdsAll gurus are telling you how many optins and
how much money they got by using solo ads.
But when you're trying too, it doesn't work
so well, does it?

How many times haven't you asked yourself…

‘What are the solo ads secrets? Was the
solo ad vendor a scammer? Have I done
something wrong?'

Do yourself a favor and end your problems now!

The Ultimate Guide to Solo Ads, a must-read
solo ads guide for every internet marketer,
is here to help you!

Not convinced? Just take a look at what you'll
find inside this unique ebook:

Solo Ads Guide - Table of Contents

Instead of Foreword

  • What is a Solo Ad After All?
  • The Success of a Solo Ad Depends on …
  • What Should the Purpose of Your Ad Be?

Let's Talk About … the Subject Line

  • Is it Good to Personalize the Subject Line?
  • Is there an Optimum Length for Subject Lines?
  • The Subject Line & the Spam Filters
  • Powerful Headline Templates
  • Misleading Subject Lines
  • Test Your Subject Line
  • How a Publisher Can Destroy Your Advertising Campaign

Let's Talk About … the Ad Copy

  • Solo Ads Without Any Text?
  • Is it Good to Copy & Paste Ads?
  • Formal or Familiar Language?
  • HTML Texts or Plain Texts?
  • Johnson Box
  • Is it Good to Personalize the Ad Copy?
  • Compact Texts or Paragraphs?
  • The First Paragraph of Your Solo Ad
  • 100 Powerful Words
  • Weak Words
  • ALL CAPS. Good or Bad?
  • Avoid These Mistakes That Affect Your Credibility
  • How to Write a Proper Call to Action
  • Shall You Sign an Advert?
  • Is it Good to Reveal Your Email Address in Your Solo Ad?
  • P.S. (Post Scriptum)
  • What's the Optimum Length of an Ad Copy?
  • The Ad Copy & the Spam Filters
  • Test Your Ad Copy

Let's Talk About … Links

  • What's the Maximum Length of a Link?
  • Don't Lose Visitors by Misspelling the Link
  • About Affiliate Links
  • Tracking the Links
  • Two Dangers Very Little Known by Ad Trackers Users
  • The Links and the Spam Filters

It's Time to Buy Advertising Space …

  • Ezines, Safelists or GPTR programs?
  • Free Solo Ads
  • How to Find the Right Ezines?
  • How do You Know the Number of Subscribers is Real?
  • How to Choose between 2 Good Ezines?
  • Shall You Advertise in Places Other People Recommend?
  • How to Avoid Later Troubles
  • On Which Day of the Week is it Better to Publish a Solo Ad?
  • Shall You Repeat Your Message?

Instead of Conclusion

  • I Did Everything You Said, but NO Result
  • I Did What You Said Was Wrong and I Had a Good Result

Annex – Useful Resources Any Advertiser Needs

Testimonial Gina JenningsJust read it. Wow! Lots of great info. Your ebook's the only detailed guide to solo ads I've seen.

Gina Jennings (Oklahoma, USA), Internet Marketer

Is This Premium eBook Going to Cost You
an Arm and a Leg?

Similar premium ebooks are sold on the Internet for $97 or more. Tempting as this might be and while I'm sure that there are many folks out there ready to pay this realistic price, I'm aware that this ebook shouldn't be only for the marketers who have this kind of money to invest. So let's try to cut a deal that will allow any serious internet marketer to invest as well.

If you genuinely want a copy of Ultimate Guide to Solo Ads then I'll let you have a copy of this ebook for just … $97 $77 but only if you order now. After all, the potential benefit from reading the Ultimate Guide to Solo Ads goes well beyond that price.

FINAL SALE – Now everyone can afford it: $27. Yes, for only $27 now you can get one of the very few ebooks on the solo ads topic. I hate using an old cliche … but … really … what are you waiting for? The old obstacle – the price – doesn't stand in your way anymore!

Risk Nothing - 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Free Bonus - If You Act Now

Ask a Question Bonus

  • Read the ebook and then ask the author one question** on solo ads advertising.
  • Guaranteed response sent by email by the author himself.

**Exclusions: Please don't ask tricky questions like, “Can you write a free solo ad for me?” or “Can you re-write this solo ad for me?” This bonus doesn't include free copywriting services.

Oldies But Goldies Bonus

  • The Ultimate Fill-In-The-Blanks Headline Swipe File.
  • 31 pages ebook containing 342 winning headlines you can copy & steal to advertise your business.
Total Value of the Bonuses …

No! I'm not gonna use that cheap marketing trick by telling you that my bonuses value hundreds or even thousands of dollars.
I do NOT cheat my customers like other marketers do.

Testimonial Mark AnastasiI love your course The Ultimate Guide To Solo Ads! Wow! Well done on creating a fantastic, very thorough product!

Mark Anastasi (UK, Cyprus)
Author of the New York Times bestseller
“The Laptop Millionaire”

To Your Email Marketing Success!
Adrian Jock
Adrian Jock,
Founder & CEO AdsMarket Ezine Advertising Network
Author of the Solo Ads eBooks Series

P.S. Hundreds of advertisers have already got their hands on this ebook. Most probably many of them are YOUR COMPETITORS. What about YOU? Can you afford to stay there and wait while they are on their way to get better results and higher profits? What are you waiting for? Get your copy now!

Testimonial Carl AshtonI have finished reading your ebook and I think it is AWESOME! Obviously I haven't put your lessons into practice yet, but I have been around the block enough to know quality marketing information when I see it. Great job!

Carl Ashton (UK), Internet Marketer

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